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Cornmarket Area; 29th February 1976 (J1303291E34.jpg)

J1303291E34.jpg ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)ThumbnailsPower Station; March 1978 (J1111202E17)

The Exchange and King Charles (Ansells)
Details from direction sign
Actons Chemist
Shed for parking attendant
Morris Traveller +Poss Austin Allegro

My parents ran the royal exchange in the early seventies I remember little sweet shop and toy shop opposite (Puddle -

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