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The Shambles, Worcester; 1977 (J1304051E39.jpg)

J1304051E39.jpg Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)Reindeer Hotel; date tbc (J1304131E01.jpg)ThumbnailsAngel Place;1977 (J1304051E42.jpg)

Victoria Wines and Wesley-Barrel Furniture Ltd on left. Waterstones bookshop and Elts Shoes (now Jones) also on this side as was Pratleys (which is now The Entertainer Toy Shop) (2017)
Maggs Clothing on right as is entrance to Market Hall

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Sunday 21 May 2017
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